Overly-Dramatic Jim Acosta TRIGGERED by Video Played During Virus Press Briefing

It really doesn’t take all that much to get CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta riled up, especially when he’s on-site at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The longtime reporter has been a frequent critic of President Trump throughout his time in the White House, and even lost his press credentials for some time after getting into a physical altercation with a young female staffer.  Acosta had refused to give up a microphone despite the President’s request, and he was seen aggressively resisting the staff member’s attempts to retrieve said microphone.

Today, after President Trump used a video as a demonstration during a coronavirus press briefing, Acosta was simply shook.

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” network White House correspondent Jim Acosta decried the “stunning” video played at the coronavirus press conference by President Donald Trump, deeming it a “campaign-style video.”

Acosta said, “We have been reporting all day that the president is fretting over Dr. Fauci’s comments in the news media. This is obviously a symptom of that. What we saw a few moments ago— it’s good we cut away from that— is the White House essentially tried to plate a campaign-style video in the White House briefing room defending the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”

He continued, “These briefings have been compared to rallies because of the way the president plays loose and fast with facts. That is another way you can compare these briefings to a rally. That is the kind of video you would expect to see at one of his rallies at any arena or venue across the country.”

Acosta, and many others within the mainstream media, have consistently attempted to characterize the President’s actions during these briefings as “rally like”, possibly in an attempt to eventually shame him for continuing to have a public presence while other candidates are sidelined by social distancing guidelines.