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Federal Authorities Now Investigating Trashed Ballots in Pennsylvania

Trump was quick to cite the discovery via Twitter.

Major Democrat Declares Trump and Co. ‘Enemies of The State’

Well that escalated quickly.

Trump Ruins Vote-By-Mail in Just Eleven Short Words

But will the Democrats listen?

Hillary Clinton Goes TOO FAR! Tells Americans to Prepare For…

There isn't much that Hillary Clinton won't say or do to increase her own net worth or political presence.  This has just always been...

GOP Senator Throws Support Behind Democratic Mail Voting Scheme

Romney and Trump certainly have a history of disagreement, and this latest kerfuffle doesn't seem far off the beaten path for the pair.

President Threatens Lawsuit Against RussiaGate Conspiracy Crooks

The move is a lot more clever than we realize.

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Scientists Baffled as Mystery Rocket Discovered on Moon

Okay, so this is awfully strange...

Secret Service Denies ‘Bombshell’ J6 Testimony

The 'bombshells' were duds.

LOOK: UFO Cluster Filmed Over Popular Tourist Destination

The bizarre video has to be seen to be believed.

New Reports on Russian Troop Losses STUN Experts

The numbers are simply astonishing.