Pandemic Strands Musicians in Haunted Castle, Surrounded by Wolves, for 73 Days

We are a truly lucky species, in that we were smart enough over a long enough period of time to invent the concept of the social safety net.  Now that we’re stuck in the midst of a global pandemic, this is more true than ever.

We are lucky in that the biggest worry that many of us have is picking out what to watch on Netflix, or deciding what design our face masks should be.

Heck, many of us are probably taking for granted the fact that we are enduring this situation in our own homes.  Or that our homes are not haunted.  Nor are they surrounded by wolves.

A Bolivian orchestra group has been stranded in a German castle for 73 days after the countries closed their borders during the coronavirus pandemic.

The musicians, some of whom are as young as 17 years old, arrived in Germany for a spring concert tour just as the COVID-19 crisis was beginning, the BBC reports. However, their concerts were soon called off as Germany imposed a social gathering ban, and their flight back to Bolivia was canceled after the country closed its borders as a coronavirus precaution.

Since then, the group has been staying safe at the Rheinsberg Palace, a 600-year-old castle located an hour and a half northwest of Berlin.

“Our bus broke down on the motorway. I remember joking that this was bad luck and perhaps our concerts would be cancelled. But never did I think it would actually happen,” said one member named Carlos.

The ancient estate was home to German royalty dating back to the 1500s, including Frederick the Great, who the group jokes is haunting the castle halls.

“We all joke that Frederick’s ghost is following us and trying to trip us up. I don’t usually believe in such things but it does feel as if there are ghosts on the grounds,” said Camed Martela, a 20-year-old member of the orchestra.

Oh, and that’s not all…

The castle grounds and surrounding woodland are also home to more than a dozen packs of wolves. One member, named Tracy Prado, said she saw three wolves while out for a walk.

“I froze in fear but they were just play fighting and moved on,” she said.

So, the next time you’re agonizing over which Adam Sandler movie to rent on Amazon Prime, just remember that things could be wildly worse.