Park Rangers Investigating Yellowstone Golf Stunt

The National Parks system is one of America’s most enduring and ingenious ideas, with the federal government assisting local officials in the preservation of sights and sites that are near and dear to our national experience.

Now, one man is facing serious penalties and possible jail time after visiting one of our country’s most popular national parks, and simply for the act of hitting one golf ball.

A comedian named Jake Adams recently finished an epic road trip in which he whacked a golf ball in every state over the course of 30 days. The problem? In Wyoming, he hit a few shots in none other than Yellowstone National Park, and park officials are none too pleased. In fact, he is under federal investigation and faces the possibility of six months in prison and $5,000 in fines, reports the Wall Street Journal. Adams chronicled his golf journey on Instagram, and his stop at Yellowstone caught the attention of local station KHQ 6, which reached out to the National Park Service. The service said Adams “showed a lack of judgment and common sense,” violated regulations designed to preserve the park, and was under investigation, per the Idaho Statesman.

Adams has said that the investigation shocked him, especially on account of the fact that he believes that he has been golfing responsibly during his trip.

Not only has Adams been making sure to travel with a tee-off mat, (to prevent divots), but the balls being used by the comedian are biodegradable as well.

Adams’ road trip included shot in other national parks as well. ┬áThere has been no word as to whether or not more charges from these locales could be coming for Adams.