Parkland father takes aim at democratic lawmakers who ‘killed’ his daughter

It has become woefully obvious that the liberal left doesn’t understand the truth behind criminality.

Namely, the democratic party seems to wholly ignore the reality in which criminals themselves do not adhere to the law.  They are, after all, criminals, and lawless by their very definition.

This is still quite true when it comes to the Second Amendment and mass shootings.  Those who wish to commit such atrocities do so regardless of the law, and do so increasingly in locations where those who do abide by the law will be unarmed:  Gun free zones.

This distinction between the lawless and the lawful is completely lost on progressive politicians, and the father of a mass shooting victim has called out democratic lawmakers on their complete mischaracterization of the issue.

On “No Interruption,” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren sat down with Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland shootingvictim Meadow Pollack.

Pollack became an outspoken advocate for school safety since the Parkland shooting, and he has now written a new book detailing his own investigation into the events that led to the massacre.

“I wanted to look into it, I wanted to honor my daughter to see what happened, and how it could happen that I put my daughter in a school, in a nice neighboorhood, and then I’m never going to see her again,” Pollack said. “I wanted to know the facts. I didn’t just listen to mainstream media, I didn’t jump on that bandwagon — and I found out that there was a multitude of failures and policies that lead up to my daughter getting murdered, that the mainstream media didn’t want to cover.”

Pollack didn’t hold back when it came to his belief over who is responsible for the death of his daughter.

Responding to a recent video featuring 2020 Democratic candidates promoting tighter gun control as a safety precaution in schools, Pollack said it made him “ill.”

“My daughter paid the ultimate sacrifice because of those Democratic policies and I’ve been hurt by the Democrats more than anybody in this country — and I hold them responsible,” Pollack said.

Pollack also took umbrage with the left’s unwillingness to consider mental health an important piece of the mass shooting puzzle, specifically in regard to the Parkland shooter’s well documented history of violence.