Patriotic Children’s Choir Silenced by Capitol Police In Shocking Video

In a recent incident that has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the erosion of freedom in America, an elite children’s choir was abruptly silenced while performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” inside the U.S. Capitol. Capitol police reportedly expressed fears that the song could be deemed a “protest” and might offend someone. The incident, captured on video and shared widely on social media, has ignited a heated debate about the state of free expression and the right to a patriotic demonstration in the heart of the nation’s capital.

On May 26, the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir, a Christian choir from South Carolina, embarked on a pre-arranged tour of the U.S. Capitol. The group had received approval from several Republican congressional representatives, including Russell Fry, William Timmons, and Joe Wilson, to perform a few patriotic songs in Statuary Hall. However, as the children reached the third verse of the national anthem, they were abruptly halted by a guide who informed them of the Capitol police’s order to cease singing immediately.

Matthew Leys, one of the event organizers, revealed that Capitol police claimed singing the national anthem could be seen as a form of protest, leading to potential offense and disturbances. Despite the multi-level approval the choir had obtained from representatives Wilson and Timmons, the children obediently stopped singing, leaving the anthem unfinished. The audience standing nearby responded with polite applause.

“I was shocked, I was dismayed, I was stunned,” David Rasbach, the founder and director of the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir, told The Daily Signal of the incident, which took place on Friday, May 26. “I couldn’t believe that was happening, that they would stop the national anthem of all songs.”

Critics argue that this incident is a glaring example of excessive restrictions imposed on law-abiding Americans. “When you need a permit to sing your National Anthem in your nation’s Capitol, something’s gone wrong,” expressed Leys, highlighting the absurdity of such limitations.

National conservatives and political leaders have voiced their concerns and pledged further investigation. The official GOP account labeled the incident as “outrageous,” while Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) promised to delve into the matter, questioning why children expressing their First Amendment rights, especially through the national anthem, were considered offensive.

Republican state Representative Adam Morgan of South Carolina underscored the disconcerting notion that the national anthem itself could be perceived as offensive in the nation’s capital.

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