Pelosi Loses Control! Democrats Revolt Against House Speaker Over…

As Democratic voters eye up the November election with all the jovial exuberance of a teen in heat, those that we’ve elected to represent up in Congress have turned sour on one another.

This is all thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s incredibly tone deaf decision to take a recess at a time when much of the nation is suffering thanks to the economic downturn that the coronavirus brought to us.

Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, called the House’s planned monthlong recess “absurd” and urged Congress to continue working on coronavirus relief legislation.

Khanna, a progressive, said he’s remained in Washington advocating for a deal between Congress and the White House.

“I think Congress should be in session,” Khanna said Tuesday during a Facebook town hall with his constituents. “I think it’s absurd for Congress to be going on a break during a pandemic and a national crisis.”

On the Republican side of things, there seems to be a growing consensus that the Democrats have opted to sabotage the economy in order to hurt Donald Trump’s chances at reelection, but there is obviously no outright evidence of such a plan.

The scary part is, if our public servants don’t start acting like public servants, it may not matter who’s to blame…We The People won’t really care at that point, and our torches and pitchforks will be pointed at anything that’s left slithering around the Capitol when we get there.