Pelosi’s Dirty Trick: Tethering ‘Vote by Mail’ to Much-Needed Virus Stimulus

Americans need more of a helping hand from the government than they’ve gotten so far, and that doesn’t seem to be in dispute by anyone on either side of the aisle.

We’ve always known that bolstering unemployment and sending everyone a $1,200 check wasn’t going to be enough.  These were only temporary measures meant to make sure that our children weren’t starving and that no one had to make any dangerous decisions as the nation braced for the impact of COVID-19.

Now that we’ve gotten our bearings a bit, and we know that this virus will not succumb to our efforts quickly, the next logical step is for the taxpayer-funded government to reverse the flow of cash back to the American people until they can safely get back to work.

A new stimulus bill would do just that, with rent forgiveness and $2,000 direct payments to We The People included in the legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appearing on MSNBC, has now said that this bill will be tied to the Democrats’ “vote by mail” scheme, however.

The following came during a conversation that included talk of the long-debunked RussiaGate conspiracy theory.

“No matter what the president says, it cannot be denied. But it takes us to the next step. They have also told us 24/7 the Russians are still at work trying to undermine our election. That is why we have to have an important chunk of money in this next bill that will enable us to protect the integrity of our elections, as well as enable the American people to vote by mail, especially at this time of a health danger in going to the polls.”

She concluded, “This is the lifeblood of our democracy, the vote. So here we are trying to protect the lives of American people, the livelihoods of the American people, and also the life of our democracy. That is what we are going to do in the next bill as well.”

The tethering of the two will almost guarantee that the stimulus package will be held up by partisan debate, further troubling the already-suffering American people.