Pentagon Begins Preparation to Create Coronavirus Cavalry

America as we know it is about to change dramatically, albeit only temporarily.

The COVID-19 strain of coronavirus is spreading swiftly around the nation, and our only tactic to fight the illness is isolation.  We must remain at safe distances from one another, avoid crowds, and try not to overwhelm our medical professionals during this trying time.

President Trump has consistently promised that the full power of the federal government would be working toward relief for Americans hardest hit by the pandemic.

News out of The Pentagon seems to indicate that he wasn’t kidding.

The Pentagon said Monday it has not yet received any requests from other government agencies for medical facilities, equipment, and personnel, but is looking at options to help deal with a potential coronavirus crisis in the United States if needed.

Chief Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Rath Hoffman said:

“We are looking at a number of different options with regard to resources and what we can do. We’ve done that analysis and are continuing to do it, and…it can be provided up to the president and the White House for making decisions as requests come in.”

Air Force Brig. Gen. Paul Fredrichs, surgeon at the Joint Staff, added: “Yes we do have plans looking at the capabilities that we have and then if we’re asked to provide them or if we’re tasked to say what’s in the realm of the possible, we can look at those plans.”

Of course, the introduction of the US military to the mix would allow for the conspiracy-minded among us to induce fear and panic over some form of “martial law” or government takeover.

In this case, it is far more likely that The Pentagon is simply looking to do the right thing.