Petito Family Supporters Overwhelm Laundrie Family Home with…

For those who continue to seek justice for Gabby Petito, the silence from the family of former fiancé Brian Laundrie is frustrating, infuriating, and just downright wrong.

Laundrie was almost undoubtedly the last person to see Petito alive, but, at his lawyer’s suggestion, completely refused to cooperate with law enforcement upon his return to Florida.  Well, that was until he simply went missing – according to his parents.

Those who believe that Laundrie’s connection to Petito’s death don’t consider him missing, however.  Rather, their opinion, (shared with Gabby’s family), is that Brian is in hiding.

And so, as Laundrie’s parents continue their own obstinance, a strange phenomenon has begun on their front yard.

A flood of flower deliveries addressed to Gabby Petito continue to arrive at Brian Laundrie’s family’s home in North Port, Florida, where she lived for roughly two years before departing on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé in June.

The initiative is meant to keep Gabby’s memory alive as Brian Laundrie’s parents keep facing backlash on several fronts.

The deliveries appeared to be an act of protest against the Laundrie’s refusal to cooperate with authorities.

One delivery driver who dropped off flowers at the Laundries’ front porch for Petito on Tuesday afternoon was visibly shaken up about what her family is experiencing.

“I have a daughter who’s 30,” the delivery man told reporters outside the house. “I don’t know what the family is going through but I can only imagine.”

Another flower delivery was from a person in New Hampshire.

“RIP Gabbie,” a note on the flowers said. “We will not let the Laundrie family get away with this. We will fight for justice.”

Laundrie has been missing, (or on the run), for over two weeks now, and law enforcement has begun to scale back their previous searches of the vast Carlton Reserve – a wilderness area that his parents have claimed Brian went hiking in just before his timely disappearance.