PHOTOS: Massive Impeachment Rallies Spread Around United States

With an historic vote set to take place in the morning on Wednesday, the American people are letting their voices be heard on the subject of impeachment.

It is almost inevitable at this point that Donald Trump will become the third President to ever be impeached.  What is equally as undeniable is the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate will acquit him, and quickly, leaving Trump with a massive feather in his cap heading into 2020.

The American electorate, however, is hoping to make that decision a bit more difficult for the GOP than it has been by staging a number of massive rallies throughout the nation on Tuesday night, and sharing their protests on social media.

Given what we have already heard from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it is unlikely that these rallies will have any impact on the choices to be made in the coming weeks, with the Bluegrass State Congressman even going as far as to say that he is “not an impartial juror” in this case.

We can now only pray that our nation can heal, and heal quickly from this catastrophic schism.