Pitcher Who Terrorized Cheating Astros Gets Suspended for Antics

Cheating in baseball is a sin.  It’s a travesty.  Hell, for some, it’s even treasonous.

This isn’t just a game but the national pastime.  It’s a time-honored tradition.  It’s catharsis and competition all rolled into one, and there is no greater sin in this nation than cheating at baseball.

Okay, that may be a tiny exaggeration, but let’s just say that a game so steeped in lore, tradition, and unwritten rules is not one you want to be caught cheating at.

The Houston Astros are learning this the hard way after a scandal broke in the offseason that demonstrated unequivocally that they cheated on their way to great success in 2017 – steeling signs and relaying them back to batters by any means necessary.

Now, three years removed from the bad deeds but only a few months from their disclosure, the whole league is looking to get revenge.

The Dodgers’ Joe Kelly started our journey down Retribution Road.

The MLB was not pleased.

Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Joe Kelly was suspended by Major League Baseball for eight games on Wednesday after he intentionally threw at Houston Astros players Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa.

During the sixth inning of the Dodgers’ 5-2 win over Houston at Minute Maid Park on Tuesday, benches cleared after Kelly’s actions. It was the first game between the two clubs since the Astros were accused of stealing signs en route to a 2017 World Series title. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was suspended for one game, and Astros manager Dusty Baker was fined an undisclosed amount.

Kelly elected to appeal and can continue to play until the process is complete. Roberts was to serve his suspension Wednesday when the Dodgers played at Houston. Kelly, a hard thrower with a touch of wildness, has previously been suspended in his career for throwing at a batter.

Despite the MLB’s reaction, Kelly has become an American folk hero for taking on the Astros, as Americans far and wide continue to loathe the Houston team’s uncouth antics.