Pittsburgh Filled a Skatepark with Sand, So Skaters Returned the Favor at City Hall

It may not have the regal spirit of the Boston Tea Party or the historical impact of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, but an act of defiance in Pennsylvania is inspiring all the same.

In Pittsburgh, and as authorities in California and elsewhere have done, city officials ordered the local skateparks to be temporarily filled with sand.  This was an effort to keep kids from congregating during this period of social distancing.

It looks like the skateboarders didn’t take too kindly to the tactic.

Someone dumped sand in a revolving door at Pittsburgh’s City Hall on Thursday night, hours after city officials reported a public works crew put sand in a shuttered neighborhood skateboard park to prevent repeated break-ins.

Public safety spokesman Chris Togneri said police were investigating the sand dumping in a doorway at the Grant Street entrance to the City-County Building, Downtown. He declined to comment on the possibility the two incidents were related, citing an ongoing investigation.

It’s unclear whether the dumping was captured by city cameras.

Social media users were passing around the symbolic image on Monday.

It may not have the grandiosity of the armed militias storming the Michigan Capitol, but there’s just something about a good, old-fashioned act of spite that tickles us.