Podium Pilferer’s Lawyer Gives Blunt Assessment of Client’s Predicament

As Americans began to digest the images that came out of the US Capitol last week, a few indelible moments began to float to the forefront of the media.

There was, of course, the who the media is referring to as the “Qanon Shaman”, who invaded the halls of Congress in a buffalo horn-and-fur headless, face painted red, white, and blue.

And then there were the photos of a man sauntering about carrying a rather large Confederate flag as though nothing was amiss in the slightest.

Perhaps the strangest of all, however, was the photo of a young man carrying a podium of some sort, happily smiling and waving for the cameras.  After his arrest, the podium pilferer’s lawyer had a fairly straightforward assessment of the situation.

A lawyer for the Trump supporter caught on camera grinning and waving while toting around House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern during Wednesday’s rioting at the Capitol told reporters in an amazingly frank interview Monday that the snapshot of his client presents a problem.

“You have a photograph of our client in a building, unauthorized to be there, with what appears to be a podium or a lectern, I’m not exactly sure which one it is called. But that’s what we have,’’ said Dan Eckhart, a lawyer for suspect Adam Johnson, according to Twitter posts of the footage.

And then…

“But yeah, that would be a problem. I’m not a magician,’’ he said. “So yeah, we’ve got a photograph of our client in what appears to be inside a federal building or inside the Capitol with federal property.’’

Johnson is currently out on $25,000 bail.