Police Discover INSIDIOUS Halloween Candy Tampering in Ohio

For decades, there was a persistent myth among suburban parents regarding the annual act of trick-or-treating:  That some evil adult was out there putting razor blades or drugs in children’s candy, looking to do harm on a night that has traditionally been one of the most jovial, (if not spooky), of year.

But no such cases ever really existed, as a great many television programs about urban legends will tell you.  There was one case one time about some father who poisoned his family with Halloween candy, but that is a far different situation than that of a crazed, random ne’er-do-well wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims.

But now, in 2021, there are legitimate concerns that someone in Ohio has taken things too far.

An observant child in Ohio made a “demented” discovery inside their Halloween candy while trick-or-treating over the weekend, alerting police to a sewing needle planted inside a chocolate treat.

The tampered candy was distributed in Fostoria, a city located about 40 miles south of Toledo, during citywide trick-or-treating on Saturday, the Fostoria Police Division said Sunday.

Authorities were furious.

“Although we only are aware of 2 pieces of candy being involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented as to want to hurt children in our community,” Chief Keith Loreno said in a written statement.

The local hospital had set up special times in which concerned parents could bring their children’s Halloween haul in to be x-rayed.

No arrests have yet been made in the case.