Police Find HORRID Scene at New Jersey Nursing Home After Responding to Tip

Several days ago, the President stood before the nation to tell us something we never wanted to hear.

Donald J. Trump, a man that many still believe should not be President, was preparing the American people for horror, as an invisible enemy crashed our nation’s metaphorical gates. This was a fast-moving global pandemic that was sure to leave a mess in its wake.

The President told us that dark days were coming, and that we may see some horrific scenes.

Today, those words rang truer than ever for New Jersey.

Police reportedly discovered 17 corpses stuffed inside a small morgue at one of New Jersey’s largest nursing homes.

Officers at the Andover Township Police Department found the bodies at the Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center after pursuing an anonymous tip about the improper storage of corpses during the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reported.

The bodies were placed in a morgue built for just four as the nursing home grappled with mounting deaths.

“They were just overwhelmed by the number of people who were expiring,” Eric Danielson, the police chief in Andover, told the paper, after finding the bodies on Easter Sunday and the following Monday.

The 17 bodies were among 68 recent deaths linked to the long-term care center, with 26 of those deaths having tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the Times.

We can only hope and pray that more scenes like this aren’t about to play out around the nation in the coming hours.