Portland Turns Violent Again After Federal Forces Leave Town

It was only a little over a week ago that officers from both the Department of Homeland Security and Customs were chased out of Portland, Oregon by freedom-minded Americans who would not take this sort of tyranny lightly.

For a while, this deescalation seemed to work, with several peaceful nights coming out of the move.  Now, however, we seem to be getting back to square one. 

A riot was again declared by authorities Sunday night in Portland when protesters marched to a police union building, blocked a road and set dumpster fires as officers work to quell nightly unrest in Oregon’s largest city.

The protest was broken up almost as soon as it formed outside the Portland Police Association building – the same building where protesters were dispersed after a fire was started inside the union’s offices the night before. Demonstrators had marched to the building from a nearby park. The road was blocked with fencing, and flames were seen rising from dumpsters in the middle of the street.

Police began forcing the crowd of a couple hundred away from the building. While demonstrators were being dispersed, commercial-grade fireworks were thrown at officers, injuring two, police said. The department released photos of the officers’ injuries, including a photo of a face covering that “partially melted” from the firework. The officers were treated at the scene.

The vociferous violence had earlier prompted Donald Trump to threaten to place similar troops in other Democratically controlled cities around the nation.