POTUS Takes Pot Shots at Progressives at Powerful Pelican State Rally

As the impeachment fiasco continues to mutate and meander, President Trump is refusing to waste any time.  Instead of boo-hooing on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Commander in Chief is out on the campaign trail rallying the figurative troops for an election that will arrive on our doorsteps in less than a year’s time.

As the incumbent, President Trump will have a distinct advantage over his Democrat challenger, whoever that may be.  Furthermore, with this latest impeachment kerfuffle destined to be struck down by the Republican-controlled Senate, Donald Trump will have quite the feather in his cap come balloting time.

That’s why Trump’s lambasting of the Democrats has taken an incredibly poignant turn as of late.

From a rally this week in Louisiana:

8:52 PM: Trump says Democrats don’t care about African Americans and only care about them “two months before the election.” He now again rips Hunter Biden and his “stupid fund.” He blasts the “fake news” for not wanting to write about it. Trump says if Biden gets the nomination, “we will have the lowest ratings in the history of debates” because “Joe is exhausted, tired.”

8:51 PM: Trump says evangelical leaders have told him the “church has never been more energized” because of what Democrats are trying to do to him with impeachment. Trump says “Democrats are trying to overthrow the last election because they know they are not going to win.”

“The Democrats in Washington are trying to stop me because I’m fighting for  you,” Trump claims.

8:46 PM: Trump rips Hunter Biden, mocks Schiff’s “little ten-inch neck.” “He will not make the LSU football team, that I can tell you,” Trump says. He says Schiff is a “bad guy, a dishonest guy.” Trump praises Republicans for sticking together and says the poll numbers say that “the people of this country aren’t buying it because we’re going up and they’re going down. Let’s keep it going for awhile.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic field that was once far too large is growing again with the additions of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.