Powerful Lawsuit Could Spell the End to the NRA as We Know It

On Wednesday night, New York Attorney General Letitia James had the world in the palm of her hand.

She had announced that her office would be making a “major national announcement” on Thursday morning.  Given James’ staunch resistance to the Trump administration, the prevailing assumption was that she would be bringing the hammer down on some entity within the White House power structure.

But when the eyes of the nation were upon her, the NY AG threw us a curveball.

The attorney general of New York took action Thursday to dissolve the National Rifle Association following an 18-month investigation that found evidence the powerful gun rights group is “fraught with fraud and abuse.”

Attorney General Letitia James claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she found financial misconduct in the millions of dollars and that it contributed to a loss of more than $64 million over a three-year period.

The suit alleges that top NRA executives misused charitable funds for personal gain, awarded contracts to friends and family members, and provided contracts to former employees to ensure loyalty.

James’ push to completely disband the NRA was a bold choice, of course, and will almost certainly be challenged in court.