Powerful Mega-Donors Make WILD Move in 2024 GOP Race

With the 2024 president race beginning to show some signs of life in recent days, many of the behind-the-scenes power players are setting up their next moves.

Former UN Ambassador, (and former Governor of South Carolina), Nikki Haley appears to be planning for a February 15th entry into the race, for instance, and it would be silly to suggest that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is far behind.

But beyond the cadre of potential candidates, there are other grand machinations beginning to grind into motion as well…and not all of them are going to be good news for former President and presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

The billionaire Koch brothers’ network of donor-class organizations is vowing to oppose former President Donald Trump as he looks to secure the Republican nomination in the 2024 primary race.

A memo from Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel details the network’s plan to publicly oppose Trump’s candidacy in the GOP presidential primary — a move that comes as no surprise as the Kochs and former president have long been at odds on policy.

The verbiage left little to the imagination.

“The Republican Party is nominating bad candidates who are advocating for things that go against core American principles. And the American people are rejecting them,” the memo states.

The group’s political leanings have been shifting for some time.

Most recently, for example, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the Koch network has joined the likes of billionaire George Soros and the left-wing Rockefeller Brothers Fund to revive the Iran nuclear deal that was backed by former President Obama and thrown out by Trump in 2018.

While having the Koch fortune at his back would be a great advantage for Trump, his increasingly popular populist message and his command over the MAGA Movement could make him an undeniable candidate nonetheless.