President Biden REFUSES to Visit Border While in Arizona

There are several issues when it comes to the optics of the Biden presidency, from the constant gaffes to the whatever that “Dark Brandon” nonsense was all about, but perhaps the most frustrating public characteristic of Sleepy Joe’s reign has been his complete and utter reluctance to lead on certain issues.

On no single subject is this truer than that of immigration.

The administration, including alleged “border czar” Kamala Harris, has been completely and utterly negligent when it comes to humanitarian crisis on the border.  In fact, it took 90 days for Harris to even visit the region after being given the aforementioned role.

Now, as if to spit in the face of those who’ve been pleading with the federal government for assistance, President Biden is simply refusing to go take a look for himself.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he would not visit the southern border during his trip to Arizona, despite an ongoing migration crisis.

The president spoke briefly with reporters as he left the White House for a trip to Arizona to promote new investments in semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Then came a cold and rather tone deaf reply.

When asked why he was going to a border state without visiting the border, Biden replied, “Because there are more important things going on.”

Complaints about Joe Biden’s reluctance have been around since the 2020 campaign, in which the eventual President had to be goaded into running in the first place.