President Biden Seeks Executive Authority to Institute Major ‘Squad’ Goal

When President Joe Biden ascended to the Oval Office, there were some lagging questions about just what sort of sway the far left would have over his presidency.

Biden was almost certainly chosen as a nominee by the Democratic Party on account of his ability to court midwestern moderates on whom the entire 2020 election hinged.  These are the folks who normally vote with the GOP, but who may have been made uncomfortable by some of the behavior displayed by Donald Trump.

But Biden wouldn’t win on these margins alone.  He also needed to carry the progressive left.  The Bernie Bros and “The Squad” supporters.

Now, after being in the office just over two months, we can begin to see the radical left’s influence on his agenda.

President Joe Biden has asked Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to prepare a memo about his legal authority to cancel student debt, chief of staff Ron Klain said Thursday, as pressure grows for the administration to address the student loan crisis crippling millions of Americans.

Klain said in an interview with Politico that Biden will decide how to proceed once he reviews the memo, which could be sent to his desk in the next few weeks.

“He’ll look at that legal authority, he’ll look at the policy issues around that, and then he’ll make a decision,” Klain said. “He hasn’t made a decision on that either way. In fact, he hasn’t yet gotten the memos that he needs to start to focus on that decision.”

Biden has spoken of this issue before.

Biden has backed canceling up to $10,000, but he has said he does not think he has the legal authority to unilaterally wipe out as much as $50,000 without congressional action.

“I understand the impact of debt, and it can be debilitating,” Biden said at a town hall event in February. “I am prepared to write off the $10,000 debt, but not 50 [thousand], because I don’t think I have the authority to do it.”

The elimination of student debt is a goal long-held by the liberal left, who have frequently suggested that the American higher education system is flawed when compared to the manner in which some socialist European nations handle it.