President Biden’s Oil Reserves Stunt SLAMMED by Energy Committee

With inflation continuing to rise ever higher, (and at precisely the wrong moment), President Joe Biden has taken an unexpected step toward easing the strain on the wallets of Americans who are traveling for the upcoming holiday…but critics say the move is pure optics.

Thanksgiving is now just days away, and Americans are suffering from ever-higher prices on some of the holiday staples, including turkey, ham, and other dishes.

And, beyond the cost of the food itself, getting to your get-together will be costly as well thanks to an increase in gasoline costs the likes of which we’ve not seen in years.

President Biden, in what appears to be an attempt to mitigate this expense, has released oil from the national reserves, but one top lawmaker that regularly deals in energy politics thinks it’s a little too late for that.

Ranking Member on the Senate Energy Committee Sen. John Barrasso said Tuesday that President Biden’s decision to tap into U.S. oil reserves was no “substitute” for addressing gas shortages.

“President Biden’s policies are hiking inflation and energy prices for the American people,” Barrasso, R-Wyo., told FOX Business. “Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve will not fix the problem.”

And, what’s more:

“We are experiencing higher prices because the administration and Democrats in Congress are waging a war on American energy,” Barrasso said. “President Biden has either eliminated or severely restricted access to America’s oil and natural gas resources on federal lands and waters.”

Biden has made reducing greenhouse gas emissions a cornerstone policy of his presidency, but some are concerned it will unfairly hurt the U.S. economy as the president pushes the nation to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

“Begging OPEC and Russia to increase production and now using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve are desperate attempts to address a Biden-caused disaster. They’re not substitutes for American energy production,” Barrasso told FOX Business.

Biden’s move may very well be about optics alone, given just how poorly his first year in office is going.