President Floats Boycott of MAJOR Automotive Brand After Anti-MAGA Rules for Employees

As social media continues to invade every single aspect of our lives, some of the world’s largest corporations are finding themselves with a never-ending amount of work to do.

That’s because these companies are responding to nearly every tweet, tag, or mention as though they were the end-all, be-all of customer service.  They can’t seem to let anything slip by, thus creating a 24/7/365 social media situation for some poor department to deal with.

Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself:  Next time you’re in the grocery store and you can’t find an item, or one of the employees is less than helpful, tweet at the grocery chain’s account. You’re bound to get a quick, helpful, conciliatory response in minutes…hours at the most.

And then think about every single person out there doing that every day, every time they feel jilted by the produce selection, or when they wait too long in line.

So, in an attempt to cut down on these sorts of complaints, Goodyear is telling employees what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of social justice…but their choices were a bit controversial. 

A leaked slide from a Goodyear diversity training session shows the company has decided what the “acceptable” and “unacceptable” slogans are for employees to support.

The slide is part of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s zero-tolerance policy, which has deemed “Blue Lives Matter,” “All Lives Matter,” “MAGA Attire,” and “Politically Affiliated Slogans or Material” as “unacceptable.”

Those slogans that are “acceptable” to the company included “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” and “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride (LGBT).

President Trump was quick to respond:

As of this writing, Goodyear tire has yet to respond to the controversy.

Maybe someone should tweet at them.