President Trump Announces MAJOR Coronavirus Treatment Breakthrough

For months now, Americans have been fighting a war against an enemy that they cannot see.  Worse still, we have no tried and true weapon against this enemy, and our only true defensive option is to stay socially distant while wearing masks.

We are not on offense against COVID-19 – not by a long shot.  Outside of a highly suspicious claim by Russian President Putin regarding an alleged vaccine, there really hasn’t been any sort of headway made in regard to beating back the virus.

But all that might be about to change. 

President Donald Trump on Sunday announced that the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the use of convalescent plasma to treat coronavirus for emergency use.

The president spoke about the approved treatment during a White House press conference on Sunday evening.

“This is a powerful therapy that transfuses very, very strong antibodies from the blood of recovered patients to help treat patients battling a current infection,” Trump wrote. “It’s had an incredible rate of success.”

The treatment takes convalescent plasma from blood donated from patients that have recovered from coronavirus.

The process wasn’t all that easy, apparently.

“We broke the logjam over the last week,” Trump said when asked about the difficulty getting the treatment approved for emergency use by the FDA.

We can only hope that this treatment will be effective enough to bring the world back to some semblance of normalcy…otherwise we could be in this pandemic for the long haul.