President Trump Now Says the FBI ‘Rigged’ the Election Against Him

In the history of presidential politics, there have been more than a few executive branch executors who found themselves at odds with the intelligence community.

In fact, a quote frequently misrepresented as one of JFK’s has often conjured the possibility of a secret war between the intelligence agencies and the White House, lending a great air of tension to the relationship.

And JFK may have never said that he would actually scatter the CIA into the wind, President Donald Trump has very literally now complained that the FBI may have rigged the 2020 election against him.

President Donald Trump engaged in what could best be described as a lengthy airing of grievances on Sunday morning, venting to sycophantic Fox News host Maria Bartiromo during his first post-election television interview while baselessly suggesting his own FBI and Department of Justice were “involved” with a “rigged” election against him.


“This is total fraud, and how the FBI and Department of Justice, I don’t know, maybe they’ve involved but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable,” he shouted. “This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud!”

The Fox host also wanted to know where the FBI and DOJ were in terms of investigating the president’s “serious charges” about Dominion, prompting the president to grouse that they are “missing in action” while suggesting they are part of the conspiracy against him.

“So you’re asking a question. These people have been there a long time and I know FBI and the FBI is great at the levels that we talked about, but it’s inconceivable,” he seethed. “You would think if you’re in the FBI or Department of Justice, this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. Where are they? I’ve not seen anything.”

The President’s legal team has had a hard time making their voter fraud cases stick in court, however, and it doesn’t appear as though these claims of FBI interference are going to change that.