President Trump Rages Online as He Enters Rare Air

The day has come.  The hour, passed.  President Trump is now the third President in US history to be impeached by Congress.

Voting late in the evening on Wednesday, the House of Representatives has impeached the President on two articles:  One for abuse of power, another for obstruction of Congress.

In neither vote were there any real surprises, save for Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Representative from Hawaii who voted “present” instead of choosing a side – something that she will likely be forced to atone for on the campaign trail.

The President responded throughout the day and night via Twitter.

And then it got even wilder…

This was not an unexpected results, as mentioned earlier, and the President certainly had to expect that this would be how his evening ended.

When it comes time for a Senate trial, which is the next logical step in impeachment, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to either dismiss the articles at his first opportunity, or deliver an acquittal to President Trump.

The question now is exactly when these articles could make their way to the Senate…if at all.