President Trump Rips Nancy Pelosi BIG TIME as Congress Goes on Break

The speculation regarding the current stagnation on impeachment has truly been the talk fo the town in Washington DC, especially now that members of Congress have begun heading home for the holiday break.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be attempting to pull a fast one on the Senate, stalling the now-passed articles of impeachment from being tried in the higher chamber.  Some believe that this is an attempt to gain leverage over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, while others, including a top constitutional scholar, suggest that this maneuver means that President Trump hasn’t actually been impeached yet.

It is this delay that had President Trump seething over the weekend.

President Donald Trump complained Saturday about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delayed transmission of the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which may delay a trial in the GOP-controlled chamber.

“It’s so unfair,” Trump said, days after he was impeached by the House, as he spoke at a conservative student conference organized by the group Turning Point USA. “They are violating the Constitution,” he added.

Pelosi has refused so far to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, in part to provide more leverage to Democrats in that chamber as they seek to negotiate the rules for the trial proceedings. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic leader Chuck Schumer remain at an impasse over whether there will be new witnesses and testimony in the trial.

Then came a scathing parting shot.

“They call themselves Democrats, but they really don’t believe in democracy,” he said.

It is still unclear as to exactly how Pelosi will proceed once the legislative branch returns to work in January.