President Trump to Very Specific Voter Group: ‘Please Like Me!’

With less than three weeks left until the 2020 election finally arrives, (and grants us some reprieve from the unending slog of political smothering), our candidates are going to be relying heavily on both internal and external polling.  This means that they’re going to weigh all of those Rasmussen, Gallup, and 538 polls against what their teams are getting on the ground in the hotspots and swing states.

It used to be that it took a politically savvy individual to compare the candidates’ appearance schedules and the national, public polling, to figure out where the campaigns themselves believed they needed to do some work.

Nowadays, Donald Trump will just straight up tell us where his internal polling says he’s in trouble.

Spoiler alert:  It’s suburban women at the moment. 

“He’s shot, folks. I hate to tell you, he’s shot,” Trump told a big rally crowd in Johnstown, saying there was extra pressure on him to win because Biden was the worst presidential candidate of all time. “Can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this? It’s unbelievable.”

In his second rally since contracting the coronavirus, Trump spoke for more than an hour to a crowd of thousands packed in tightly and mostly maskless. Like the night before in Florida, Trump seemed healthy, and his rhetoric on the pandemic — including the dubious claim that it was mostly a thing of the past — changed little despite his own illness, except for his threat to kiss audience members to prove his immunity.

Trump made a local pitch, hammering home the claim that a Democratic administration could limit fracking in areas where the economy is heavily dependent on energy, despite Biden’s proposal to only bar new leases on federal land, a fraction of U.S. fracking operations. And Trump, touting his elimination of a federal rule that would have brought more low-income housing to the suburbs, zeroed in on groups whose support he has struggled to retain, including female voters turned off by his rhetoric.

Then came a remarkably blunt plea:

“So I ask you to do me a favor. Suburban women: Will you please like me? Please. Please. I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?” Trump said. “The other thing: I don’t have that much time to be that nice. You know, I can do it, but I gotta go quickly.”

President Trump has been focusing on places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, as these are three states that will play an integral role in determining who wins the 2020 election.