Primary Results Reveal a NEW SWING STATE for 2020!

When it comes to American presidential elections, there is a whole lot of gibberish to be had, especially within the mainstream media.

Tuning into these infotainment industry networks on election night is self-harm.  The sheer volume of chyrons should be a crime, and every channel is going to have their own half-cocked anagrams for some scenario or another, and the path to victory, yada yada yada.

It is absurdity, truly.

But there is one phrase that is ubiquitous throughout the cacophony of coverage:  Swing state.

These are the places where the ratio of Republicans to Democrats is such that a big swing in undecided voters can alter the electoral college’s results.  Often, we hear about Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

But there could be a new kid on the block:  The Peach State.

Democrats set a new turnout record for primary voting in last week’s Georgia vote, soaring past 1 million voters to outpace Republicans during an election plagued by significant obstacles at polling sites.

The latest results, still being tallied as absentee ballots are counted, show Democratic turnout in Georgia surpassed 1,060,851 – the previous high-mark set during the 2008 presidential primary when then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama trounced Hillary Clinton.

Republicans lagged behind, with more than 950,000 votes in last week’s contest. But there was no competitive statewide contest on the ballot, since President Donald Trump had already captured his party’s nomination and U.S. Sen. David Perdue faced no primary opposition.

Georgia Democrats pointed to the high numbers as another sign of voter enthusiasm headed into the November election. Joe Biden aims to be the first Democratic presidential contender to carry Georgia since 1992, and state Democrats are racing to flip two U.S. Senate seats and a suburban U.S. House seat.

This is almost certainly due to the exploding population of the metro Atlanta area, which now exceeds 50% of the entire state’s population, which, outside of the capital area is aging rapidly.