Pro-Hong Kong Protestors Gather Outside of NBA Game

There are few Americans who would have believed that in 2019, China would be dictating the First Amendment, but here we are.

The entire bizarre mess comes to us from the NBA, where one general manager made the completely appropriate decision to support Hong Kong’s democratic protests via Twitter.

Beijing’s objections have created an enormous issue for the NBA, who have completely capitulated to the Chinese boycott.

Now, America basketball fans are taking notice.

Roughly thirty-five demonstrators rallied outside of Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday night, to support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and embattled Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey.

According to ESPN:

As fans filed into the arena, the demonstrators gathered in the entrance plaza, wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘Fight For Freedom’ on the front and ‘China, Stop Bullying”‘ on the back. They held American flags as well as signs expressing support for free expression and criticizing the Chinese government. Two attendees held a large, gold banner that read, ‘Hong Kong’s fight is everyone’s fight.’

The rally was coordinated by two local groups: the Vietnamese Community of Houston and Vicinities and Texas for Hong Kong. The same coalition organized approximately 30 people on Thursday for the Rockets’ home opener, and they sat behind the south basket and stood holding their signs during stoppages in play.

On October 4th, Morey posted a tweet in support of pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. Despite almost immediately deleting the tweet, China reacted harshly by canceling several TV and streaming broadcasts, and several other business deals with the NBA.

The NBA’s recent troubles have not resonated well with American sports fans who are still recovering from a wildly unpatriotic NFL season.