Progressive Princess Whines About Potential TikTok Ban

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It’s about time that we admit that we live in a new political era, in which the instantaneousness of social media completely nullifies the spin of the legacy media, (just until deepfakes offset the correction cycle, but that’s some other thing altogether).

But I digress.

These days, the importance of the face-to-face, eye-contact aficionado has been diminished by the video messaging of the digital dimension.

And so we find ourselves beholden to legislators whose popularity is beholden to some private social media company…perhaps even one that is a Chinese intelligence weapon.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said over the weekend that she does not support a total ban on the Chinese social media app TikTok, claiming it would be “unprecedented.”

“Do I believe TikTok should be banned? No. Why should TikTok not be banned? First of all, I think it’s important to discuss how unprecedented of a move this would be,” she stated on the weekend following a congressional hearing on the social media app.

“The United States has never before banned a social media company from existence, from operating in our borders. And this is an app that has over 150 million Americans on it,” the congresswoman added.

And that wasn’t all:

Ocasio-Cortez also appeared to dismiss the “egregious amount of data harvesting” done by the Chinese-backed app, following the company’s CEO not being able to fully guarantee that the Chinese government was not accessing TikTok user data. Ocasio-Cortez suggested that instead of banning individual companies like TikTok, Congress should find a way to protect Americans from data harvesting.

AOC has largely relied on her millennial mannerisms to remain relevant in an increasingly radical Democratic Party, and that reliance could very well impact her feelings about TikiTok’s mighty reach.