Prominent Democrat Drops The ‘D’ Word, Says Trump a ‘Dictator’ if Not Impeached

There is no shortage of hyperbole seeping out of the halls of the Capitol this week, as the impeachment trial of Donald Trump begins.

Each side is hotly contesting every twist and turn of the tale, as if their very lives depended on proving their counterparts wrong.  The Democrats understand that removing Trump from office is a long-shot prospect, and so they’ve turned to ultra radical verbiage in order to drum up fear among the masses.

The latest evolution of the egging-on comes from House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, who implied that anything less than a removal of Trump would create a dictatorship in DC.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told the Senate during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Friday that if it failed to remove Trump from office, he would become a “dictator.”

Nadler did not argue, as he did on the first day of the trial — before being rebuked by Chief Justice John Roberts — that Senators would be voting “against the United States” if they voted not to remove the president.

He did, however, say that a vote to acquit Trump would remove all constraints on his power.

Nadler and Trump have a long history of combative behavior, stemming from the President’s time as a business developer in The Big Apple, where he and the House Rep. butted heads on a slightly smaller stage.