Prominent Republican Comes Out in Favor of Impeachment Witnesses in Senate Trial

With the nation still very much in the grip of impeachment fever, every little decision yet to be made in the process is being heralded as either a success or an abject failure, depending on which side of the aisle you align with.

The latest political battle on the hill has been over the possibility of hearing from witnesses during the Senate’s coming impeachment trial.  Most Republicans are opposed, of course, concerned that an unscrupulous character could use their time to further deride Donald Trump.  On the left, however, there are hopes to hear from White House insiders such as John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney.

But, as we approach the most anticipated political event in decades, at least one prominent member of the GOP is breaking rank.

From an impromptu press appearance by Senator Mitt Romney:

Romney said, “I support the Clinton impeachment model, which is a vote on witnesses later. But as to which witnesses I’d want to hear from, and so forth, that’s something which I’m open to until after the opening arguments.”

He added that Bolton is “someone who I would like to hear from, and presumably, I’d get the chance to vote for that.”

Bolton would be an exceptionally salient witness in the case, as the former national security adviser was referred to several times by other impeachment witnesses when asked by legislators if there was anyone else worth deposing.

Over the last few weeks, Bolton has made it clear that he would be willing to testify were he to be issued a subpoena.