Protesters Surround Confederate Monument….What Happens Next is WILD!

Americans are in the middle of a major cultural revolt, as the death of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis nearly two weeks ago has completely enraged a large swath of our population.

The death of George Floyd reminded us that our work may never truly be done as it pertains to racism and inequality in America, and with much of our population either unemployed or working from home, it wasn’t going to take much to get these folks out of the house.

But what they’ll do once they’re out there in the street is anyone’s guess…just ask Richmond, Virginia.

After a day and evening of peaceful protests and marches in Richmond and its suburbs, protesters using ropes pulled down a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, which has stood in the park since 1891.

Most of the protesters who had marched through the city Saturday night had already dispersed when the statue was taken down. After it fell, one person urinated on the statue and then ran away.

About an hour after the incident in Monroe Park, nearly 40 cars were seen surrounding the Lee statue, blocking traffic along Monument Avenue.

Given the racial component of the death of George Floyd, Confederate statues and monuments around the nation have bene targeted by protesters.  Some cities, such as Birmingham, Alabama, have taken a proactive route, choosing to remove the statues themselves rather than risk the chaos of an impromptu felling.