Protesters Target Kavanaugh in Restaurant, Forcing Escape

In this, the 21st century version of American politics, we’ve found ourselves in a tumultuous and tawdry spot.  We’re not yet openly violent toward one another, but it certainly feels as though we are on the precipice of the possibility.

The liberal youth are in a perpetual state of protest, it seems, railing against something every weekend.  Lately, their angst has been focused on the Supreme Court, over the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade.

This week, that rage manifested itself during Brett Kavanaugh’s dinner at Morton’s.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh exited a Washington, D.C., steakhouse this week through the back door due to protesters, reported Politico.

The outlet’s Playbook newsletter reported on Friday that Kavanaugh “was dining at Morton’s downtown D.C. location” as “protesters soon showed up out front, called the manager to tell him to kick Kavanaugh out and later tweeted that the justice was forced to exit through the rear of the restaurant.”

Online, the radical left was taking a victory lap.

“We hear Kavanaugh snuck out the back with his security detail. @mortons should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women,” tweeted ShutDownDC.

The incident was reminiscent of several restaurant escapes that occurred during the Trump presidency, after comments by Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters in which the California Congresswoman suggested that protesters should make conservatives “uncomfortable” whenever possible.