Putin Dying of Cancer Say Pentagon Sources

There is a rather dark strangeness encircling the events unfolding in Europe this week, particularly when we look to examine the machinations of Moscow in this mess.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been acting off, for lack of a better word.  The longtime dictatorial leader of the Federation has been erratic and unhinged, positing barely tangible thoughts in the media and attempting to justify his horrid actions with some very strange logic.

Now, anonymous sources within the intelligence community think that they may know why.

Vladimir Putin is dying in agony from terminal bowel cancer, according to intelligence reports from the Pentagon and in Ukraine.

It is believed his “puffy face” is a sign he is taking chemotherapy drugs or steroids.

His unsmiling expression shows he is in constant pain, US sources say.

This could have made him more aggressive or he may be attacking Ukraine as he knows he is dying and wants to leave a legacy.

An ex-military intelligence officer now working at the Pentagon said analysts have been studying Putin, 69, and believe he is gravely ill.

And also:

“His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely as a result of him being in agony.

“Our people are confident he is ill – he is concerned about Covid as he keeps his staff at a distance.”

Photos of Putin meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and separately with his highest military officers depicted the Russian dictator sitting some 30+ feet away from anyone in the room, lending some credence to these allegations.