Putin Has Emergency Surgery, Is Seen Sputtering and Gurgling

If you take a look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine from the proverbial 30,000ft view, you’ll notice that not much about it makes sense.

Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cronies can’t even get their stories straight, first of all, having made up about half a dozen different reasons for even sending forces into the sovereign nation.

And then there’s the plethora of nonchalant war crimes and nuclear threats that tell us Putin isn’t exactly planning to survive this incursion himself. ┬áHe’s on a fatalist slant, certainly, and the persistent rumors about his terminal cancer would make for a rather simple explanation for it all.

This week, new evidence of the ailment arrived.

VLADIMIR Putin appeared to retch and splutter through a televised meeting today – sparking fresh fears for his health after claims he’s being treated for cancer.

The Russian president’s face looked bloated as he gripped the table in front of him during talks with Sergey Chemezov, head of state-owned defence giant Roster.

Putin, 69, sat opposite Chemezov – an ally since their KGB days in the 1980s – amid rumours he is being treated for cancer.

He seemed to retch several times and struggle to speak throughout the clip released by Russian state TV.

There were other alleged issues as well.

Yesterday, it was reported that Putin had emergency surgery to drain fluid from his abdomen.

The Russian president was seen hosting a virtual meeting of the country’s security council on Friday, sparking a number of comments about his bizarre appearance.

An anti-Putin channel on the messaging app General SVR, which is reportedly run by a Kremlin insider, shared the allegations about Russia’s leader on Tuesday.

Putin’s cancer rumors have been around for quite a while, and the evidence continues to mount to this day.