Putin Makes Belligerent Threat as US Prepares to Send New Weapons to Ukraine

With each passing week, the Russian army is made to look ever more foolish than the week before, and this slippery slope of humiliation is taking its toll on the Kremlin in increasingly wild ways.

For starters, there is Vladimir Putin’s unnerving and redundant threat to usher in nuclear annihilation if things don’t go his way in Ukraine, which includes the recent decision to place a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States into launch position.

Now, with America set to send Ukraine some of their most advanced missile systems yet, the Kremlin is once again suggesting that something wicked could come of it.

Russia warned the U.S. that if it sends Patriot missile systems to Ukraine it will consider the move a provocation that could lead to “unpredictable consequences.”

The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send a Patriot missile system to Ukraine, three defense officials told NBC News earlier this week. The surface-to-air defense system would help Ukraine repel Russian aerial attacks.

And also:

The Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement on Telegram Wednesday that sending the Patriot missile system would be considered “provocative.”

It is beginning to to become difficult to tell how much of this atomic angst is realistic and how much of it is just Putin attempting to save face in with the citizens of Russia, who are increasingly turning against him and the war in Ukraine.