Putin Puffs His Chest, Warns US About Ukraine Interference

If Vladimir Putin had his way, this world would be a much different and dismal place.

Putin has long bene one of the greediest leaders to ever lead in this already-tumultuous world, and his thirst for power seems to have no end.  No limit.  The man is a monster, in many ways, and his recent boldness is worrisome to say the least.

For instance, as Russian troops continue to amass on the border with Ukraine, (and with the Ukrainian President suggesting that a Russian-backed coup is on the way), Vlad is warning the western world to mind their business.

Commenting on Western concerns about Russia’s alleged intention to invade Ukraine, he said that Moscow is equally worried about NATO drills near its borders.

Speaking to participants of an online investment forum. Putin said that NATO’s eastward expansion has threatened Russia’s core security interests. He expressed concern that NATO could eventually use the Ukrainian territory to deploy missiles capable of reaching Moscow in just five minutes.

“The emergence of such threats represents a ‘red line’ for us,” Putin said. “I hope that it will not get to that and common sense and responsibility for their own countries and the global community will eventually prevail.”

He added that Russia has been forced to counter the growing threats by developing new hypersonic weapons.

“What should we do?” Putin said. “We would need to develop something similar to target those who threaten us. And we can do that even now.”

And then, dramatically:

“It would also need just five minutes to reach those who issue orders,” Putin said.

The Russian leader has long been a thorn in the side of the civilized world, and the scary thing is that he’s no longer pretending that he’s not.