Record Days Away from the White House for Biden

New statistics compiled by RNC Research have revealed that President Joe Biden has spent a significant amount of his presidency, approximately 39.2 percent, on vacation. This report has raised concerns about his work ethic and dedication to the responsibilities of his high office.

Biden’s favorite retreat spot is a beach near his holiday home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he has been known to disappear for extended periods. In August 2022, it was recorded that he had spent a record 150 days at his Delaware home within 18 months of assuming the presidency. This work-shy pattern is alarming, particularly given the numerous challenges and crises facing the nation.

During critical moments in his presidency, Biden’s absence has been notable. While the world watched in shock as Kabul, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and mass evacuations commenced, reports indicated that he was ensconced at Camp David. This raised questions about his priorities and ability to effectively lead in times of crisis.

Comparatively, former President Donald Trump spent 132 days away from the White House at his own properties, while former President Barack Obama spent a total of 38 days at rental properties in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard throughout his presidency. Even former President George W. Bush, known for his dedication to his duties, spent 100 days at his Texas ranch during his entire tenure.

President Biden’s penchant for vacations has not come without a cost to the American taxpayers. It has been revealed that nearly half a million dollars of public funds were used to construct a security fence around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a federal contract to a Delaware construction company in September 2021 for this purpose, with the project’s cost eventually totaling close to $500,000. This significant expenditure raises questions about the appropriate use of taxpayer money for personal comfort and privacy.

As the president of the United States, it is expected that Biden should demonstrate an unwavering commitment to his duties and be available to address the pressing needs of the nation. While taking occasional breaks is understandable, the frequency and duration of his vacations have prompted concerns among critics. The American people deserve a leader who prioritizes their interests and is fully engaged in tackling the challenges facing the country.