RECORDING: Einstein Visited UFO Wreckage from Roswell Incident

To be honest, I really thought that we had hit peak weird already.  Between the pandemic and the political unrest and the damn murder hornets, I really did believe that whatever strange little jaunt off the beaten path that we were one was about to be over.

But no.  The universe has decided to bestow upon us one more incredible surprise, the likes of which none of us have any right to say that we saw coming.

In a recently unearthed recording of an interview conducted nearly 30 years ago, a former assistant to Albert Einstein alleges that the famed scientist was enlisted to examine the Roswell wreckage, including the ET occupants of the downed craft. UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia uncovered the remarkable revelation when he tracked down ufologist Sheila Franklin, who interviewed Dr. Shirley Wright in 1993 about her time working with Einstein in the summer of 1947. As luck would have it, Franklin still had the tapes from her conversation with the former assistant and what she told the researcher was nothing short of stunning.

So what exactly did they see?

According to Wright, she accompanied Einstein to what had been dubbed a “crisis conference” that was hastily held in July of 1947 at a remote army airbase in the American southwest. Upon their arrival, the duo entered a hangar that was under heavy security and, when they entered the building, they discovered that it contained a rather curious craft that appeared to have sustained significant damage. “It was disc-shaped, sort of concave,” Wright recalled, “its size stood up to one-fourth of the hangar floor.” While her response to the strange scene was one of “wonderment, half curiosity and maybe half fear,” she said that Einstein was “not disturbed at all” and, instead, was primarily concerned with what sort of insights about propulsion and the universe could be gleaned from the vehicle.

And while the story itself may seem utterly too fantastic to be truthful, we should remember that we are just now getting our first look at what our government truly knows about this phenomenon, and at a time in which the most ridiculous stories seem to be a regular occurrence here in the United States.