Rep. Dan Crenshaw Reveals Sick New Twist in Democrats’ Impeachment Strategy

Now that the Democrats have decided to move forward with their attempts to impeach Donald Trump, sending the case to the House Judiciary Committee to begin hearings next week, there seems to be some renewed skepticism regarding the true goals of the process.

The left already understands, explicitly, mind you, that impeachment will fail in the Senate.  There just aren’t enough votes for the Democrats in that GOP-held stronghold, and President Trump will remain in the Oval Office until the voters of this great nation decide otherwise.

In fact, it has been surmised that this is perhaps the point, not a point of the entire charade.  Perhaps the Democrats are simply using this time in front of the cameras as a sort of 24/7 anti-Trump campaign advertisement for 2020.

Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw believes that the theory holds weight.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, called the Democrats push for impeachment Tuesday a “political game,” saying they only want to hurt President Trump in the upcoming 2020 general election.

“What they’re really hoping for, I think, is to make this narrative stick. to make it stick in the back of people’s minds by the time the election comes in 2020,” Crenshaw said on “The Story.” “I think that’s a dishonest tactic. But that’s the only foreseeable tactic they could be using right now.”

He continued…

“But a lot of us talk to a lot of voters and independents, Republicans, even Democrats are a little sick of this. They do see this for what it is,” Crenshaw said. “It’s a political game. There’s no evidence to be had here. We’ve had open impeachment hearings and every single time there’s some new bombshell in the headlines… we actually see… there’s nobody with firsthand knowledge of what the president’s policy was on this.”

Crenshaw has become one of the first national figures to voice this theory publicly, after alternative media sites such as the one you’re currently visiting began disseminating the idea last week.