Republican Governor signals support for Democratic impeachment push

While the current push to impeach President Trump has largely been a partisan affair, it does appear as though some cracks are forming within the republican party.

The nature of the complaint against Donald Trump is complex.  A whistleblower, whose knowledge comes second and third-hand, believes that the President used his office in order to better his personal and political situation through extortion of the Ukrainian government.

The President himself has denied any wrongdoing, even going so far as to release a memorandum of the phone call in question and the text of the official whistleblower complaint itself.

These documents have caused outrage among the democrats, who are very much ready to run the Commander in Chief out of town with torches and pitchforks raised high.  Much of the republican party seems to be circling the wagons, however, believing that this is nothing more than RussiaGate 2.0.

But the GOP isn’t entirely in agreement.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott on Thursday became the first Republican governor to back House Democrats’ call for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Scott said at a news conference that he wasn’t surprised by the allegations that Trump repeatedly urged Ukraine’s president to “look into” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden because he’s “watched him over the years.” Trump had requested Ukraine look into Biden’s attempt to pressure the nation into firing its top prosecutor, who was investigating a natural gas firm partially led by his son, Hunter.

Scott added, however, that he wanted to see more information before taking further action. The Vermont governor previously criticized Trump over his attacks on progressive House freshmen in the summer.

Only a small handful of republican politicians have spoken out negatively about the President in this matter so far, most prominently Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who has long been a critic of Donald Trump.