Republican Lawmakers Create Spectacle at Closed Door Impeachment Hearing

Today on Capitol Hill, the American people witnessed something that they had never seen before.

There, in a squirreled away, secure briefing room, an amalgam of three Congressional committees were readying themselves to take testimony from yet another witness in this prolonged “impeachment inquiry”.

That is when all Hell broke loose.

House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry resumed Wednesday afternoon, after around two dozen Republicans brought proceedings to a screeching halt earlier in the day by storming into a closed-door deposition with a senior Defense Department official.

The deposition with Laura Cooper, who has overseen Ukraine policy, was underway again, Fox News has learned. Additionally, Fox News is told the Defense Department tried to block Cooper from appearing for the deposition at all, but that Cooper ultimately decided to comply with a subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, told Fox News Cooper was a “credible” and “honest” witness.

Republicans said they took the dramatic step to storm the deposition because Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hasn’t been transparent, even as Democrats selectively leak some testimony and evidence to the press. The inquiry is being led by three committees made up of both Democrats and Republicans, but members of Congress not on those committees do not have access to any of the sensitive documents or interviews relating to the probe. Republicans also do not have co-equal power to subpoena witnesses or pursue evidence in the probe.

The stunt came just a day after the President, via Twitter, commanded Republicans to stand and fight against the absurdity of the secretive version of impeachment that these Democratically-led committees are undertaking.