Republican Lawmakers Want Adam Schiff in the Hot Seat as Impeachment Witness

The Democrats today stand accused of fomenting a near-coup on the American people with their latest “formal impeachment inquiry”.

This strangely-monikered process is unique among its few peers in that the Democrats limped into it for the sole purpose of controlling the narrative.  The first several weeks of the turgid affair occurred in near-secret, with Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, providing the sole discretion as to what was made public.

For those who may be unaware, Adam Schiff has been nicknamed “pencil neck” by President Donald Trump.  This should give you an idea about just how they get along.

So, now, as we move into what promises to be a slightly less clandestine phase of inquisition, the GOP is getting set to bite back.

House Republicans plan to call Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as one of their first witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump following the adoption of formal rules for the investigation, claiming he is a “fact witness” due to his office’s early involvement with the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the proceedings.

A source familiar with Republicans’ strategy moving forward in the impeachment inquiry confirmed to Fox News on Monday that GOP members plan to call Schiff, D-Calif., for questioning — even if they are unlikely to succeed.

The source told Fox News that Republicans want answers to questions like: “How many times did he meet with the whistleblower? What did they advise the whistleblower to do? How much was Schiff involved in this? Did he recommend the whistleblower give the complaint to the intelligence community inspector general, even though there was no intel component, so that he could be involved?”

Schiff has been in the line of fire throughout this impeachment process, taking grief from all corners of the Republican Party.

The issues raised weren’t only pertaining to the secrecy with which he conducted his hearings, but also with regard to his possibly premature relationship with the anonymous whistleblower in the UkraineGate scandal.