Republican Party Prepares for Trump’s Indictment After Election

With the figurative noose tightening, former President Donald Trump appears to be headed for some sort of litigious trouble in the coming days, and the GOP isn’t shying away from that possibility.

Trump and his supporters, (both in DC and beyond), have suggested that Teflon Don has done nothing wrong, and that the myriad “witch hunts” he’s enduring are little more than attempts at maligning his future political aspirations.

Now, with the midterm elections heading toward the rear view mirror, some seem to believe that Trump’s trouble could be coming sooner rather than later.

Republican aides and strategists privately expect Attorney General Merrick Garland to pursue an indictment of former President Trump within 60 to 90 days after Election Day, predicting the window for prosecuting Trump will close once the 2024 presidential campaign gains momentum.

Republican aides on Capitol Hill and veteran party strategists emphasize they don’t have any inside information on what Garland might do, but they say the attorney general is under heavy pressure from Democrats to act and the deadline for pursuing an indictment is fast approaching.

GOP aides also warn that an indictment of Trump by the Biden administration would further polarize the nation and likely strengthen Trump’s support from the Republican Party’s base as the former president and his allies would frame the Department of Justice’s prosecution as a political witch hunt.

As for when the indictment could arrive…

“A couple of weeks after the election, I assume that Garland will indict Trump,” said one veteran Republican aide, expressing a sentiment shared by several other GOP aides and strategists.

Other GOP strategists considered the possibility that such a move could help Donald Trump, as the Republican Party’s current splintering could be reversed by galvanizing around the common trouble of a looming trial.