Republican Senator Who Voted to Convict Trump: ‘Going to Get Very Lonely’

While President Trump’s impeachment acquittal was a resounding success for the Republican Party, not every member of the GOP was celebrating.  In fact, one of the most prominent Republicans in the nation today was facing swift and severe backlash for his vote to convict the President, and his attempt to remove him from office.

Senator from Utah Mitt Romney was the sole Republican who voted against the President, which makes him the first Congressman ever to vote for the impeachment of a President of his own party.

Romney was also quick to acknowledge that this was going to make his life a living hell for the foreseeable future.

He acknowledged that there likely will be “substantial” blowback “not just from the president but from my party, from my state, from Republican voters.”

Romney will be the only GOP member in either chamber of Congress to join the Democrats in voting to pass the articles of impeachment in the House or to convict him in the Senate. The Senate requires a two-thirds vote to remove a president from office, so it would require close to two dozen GOP senators to vote with Democrats to convict Trump.

“Yeah, it’s going to get very lonely. And again, the consequences are significant. They’re enough that it made this very difficult process for me. There’s not been a morning since this process began that I slept beyond 4:00 a.m,” he added.

Romney has long been an extremely vocal critic of Donald Trump, both before and after No. 45 took office, and his vote to convict the Commander in Chief came as no surprise too many.