Republican Speaker Supports Continued Investigations into Biden

Newly appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has expressed his support for ongoing congressional investigations into President Joe Biden, according to a recent interview on Fox News. During the interview with host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Johnson discussed the possibility of allocating financial resources and human capital for in-depth probes and addressed the question of whether the existing impeachment inquiry into allegations of corruption might become an official impeachment.

In response to Bartiromo’s inquiry, Johnson stated, “We’ll see, Maria. You know, I worked on the committees of jurisdiction. And Judiciary is one of those.” He acknowledged the work of committee chairmen such as James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith in continuing these investigations even during the tumultuous period surrounding the Speaker’s race.

Johnson emphasized his commitment to following the truth, stating, “I think we have a constitutional responsibility to follow this truth where it leads. We’re the rule of law team. We don’t use this for political, partisan games, like the Democrats have done and did against [former] Donald Trump twice.”

The new House Speaker underscored the importance of adhering to the law and the Constitution, expressing his anticipation of sharing evidence with the American people in the coming days and weeks to explain the reasons behind their actions.

The impeachment inquiry into President Biden was initially announced by Johnson’s predecessor, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in mid-September. President Biden and his supporters have consistently denied any wrongdoing, characterizing the investigation as a political move by Republicans.

Bartiromo also inquired about the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, whose business dealings have been under scrutiny and is currently facing a separate criminal inquiry by the Department of Justice.

“I’m looking at that,” Johnson responded, adding that he believed that the situation may warrant such measures, though a final decision had not been made. Johnson mentioned consulting with attorneys involved in the matter, emphasizing the need to address unanswered questions and suspicions surrounding the evidence gathered.

Johnson further explained, “I think the American people are owed these answers. And I think our suspicions about all this, the evidence that we have gathered so far, as you know, is affirming what many of us feared may be the worst. And, as Jamie Comer likes to say, bank records don’t lie. We already have a lot of this evidence. The dots are being connected. And we will see where it leads.”