RIOTS: Philadelphia Rages After Narrow Super Bowl Loss

U.S. Marines run through CS gas during the hike portion of the 1st Marine Division (MARDIV) Super Squad Competition at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, Aug. 30, 2018. The competition tests the Marines in a broad spectrum of infantry related skills to include offensive and defensive operations, patrolling techniques, and combat marksmanship, to determine the best squad within 1st MARDIV. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Audrey M.C. Rampton)

When it comes to the world of American sports, Philadelphia has been curating quite a reputation for raucous enthusiasm.  This is a city that’s ready to come alive when their teams succeed, and in an intense manner.

Last night, however, after the Lombardi Trophy was being cradled by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, Philly fans took to the streets anyway, clashing with police and raging against a narrow loss in the big game.

Mayhem broke out in the City of Brotherly Love last night following the Philadelphia Eagles’ narrow Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Signs of unrest surfaced almost immediately after the team’s 38-35 defeat Sunday night – with disgruntled fans swarming City Hall and clashing with cops that had been stationed throughout the city in case of such an outcome.

Police scanner audio after 10:30pm suggested police had made multiple arrests, as citizens were seen scaling lampposts, chanting ‘f*** the Chiefs’, and hurling glass bottles throughout the city’s Downtown neighborhood.

Footage circulating on social media also shows several residents lighting fireworks, with others egging on armed SWAT teams tasked with keeping the peace.

And it gets wilder:

In one shocking clip, a group of Philadelphians were seen lighting fireworks, with some reports indicating the explosives are being thrown at officers.

Cops were using tear gas to deter any further disruptions, after a crushing defeat highlighted by game-altering penalties.

The loss is compounded by the fact the city’s baseball team, the Phillies, similarly crashed out of the World Series just a few months ago.

Those listening along on police scanner channels reported that several arrests had been made throughout the night.

Officiating was a sore spot for Philly fans as well, with a controversial holding call late in the game drawing the ire of Eagles supporters from coast to coast and causing “rigged” to trend on Twitter during the wee hours of Monday morning.